Motorcycle Store Raises Neighbors' Ire


Some Pier Colony residents are revved up about a motorcycle retail store that opened across the street from their beach homes.

Residents say that the loud noise from motorcycles affects their quality of life.
But the store's owners say that noise and traffic complaints are not valid because the homeowners already are next to heavily traveled Pacific Coast Highway.

Don Galitzen, president of Pier Colony Homeowners Assn., was among residents who complained to the City Council last week,
insisting that the motorcycle store, Wild Rides, does not belong in their neighborhood.

"There is a real problem here--we need to solve this," said Galitzen, who turned in a petition signed by residents of the 130-home, gated complex.

Galitzen said that homes facing Second Street are the most affected by motorcycles whizzing by as riders frequent the store, which opened June 18.

Wild Rides is in a commercial district on Second Street and Pacific Coast Highway and has city permission to operate there.

The owners of Wild Rides also addressed council members and contended that residents' concerns are unfounded.

"I don't know if we have a problem," said Don Schultz, owner of the store that sells Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories and clothing.

City Administrator Michael T. Uberuaga said city staff will examine residents' concerns.
Don Schultz, Wild Rides owner, told the council that he wanted to be "part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Schultz also showed the council a sign that reads: "Please respect our neighbors. Don't rev or burnout."
The store has posted these signs in their parking lot and inside the store to remind customers to keep noise down, he said.